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Tanning, Swimming and Having Fun

A beautiful tan, the sand, sun, surf and sea are all part of a fun outing at the beach. To ensure that you have an enjoyable time remember to use suntan lotion and heed posted signs. Check with the lifeguard on duty if you have any questions. Most important, put on a lot of suntan lotion with an SPF (sun protection factor) rating of at least 25. You'll enjoy being a little bronzed much more than being as red as a lobster!

girl sun tanningHawaii's Visitor Guides offer more info on "practicing safe sun" and having fun at the beach. Click on guides for information on receiving these full-color, informative visitor magazines. Some of Hawaii's most beautiful beaches....

On Oahu

Hanauma Bay. Situated in the crater of an ancient volcano, this is a world-class snorkeling and scuba diving spot. The fish are so tame they will eat right from your hand!

Kailua Beach. With its steady breezes and sandy shorlines, this is Oahu's windsurfing capital. Take a lesson, rent equipment or just relax in the sand and gentle surf.

Kualoa County Regional Park. A calm beach with a picturesque view of Mokoli'i Island which is better known as Chinaman's Hat. Located just opposite Kualoa Ranch.

Makaha. Just one of the many beautiful beaches on Oahu's laid-back Westside, Makaha is best known for its perfect winter surf. Usually calm during summer months, but check with the lifeguard on duty before entering.

Makapuu Beach. Just as its neighbor, Sandy Beach, this beach is perfect for the EXPERIENCED body surfer. Currents and undertow can be quite strong, so it is not recommended to enter the water just to swim around. Check with the lifeguard on duty before entering even if it looks calm.

surfers in tubeNorth Shore. Sunset, Ehukai, Waimea Bay, and Haleiwa Beach Park are several of the most well known surfing spots in the world. Winter surf can be quite large, so use caution and consult with the lifeguard on duty before entering the water. Usually calm in the summer.

Sandy Beach. Well-known for its shorebreak waves, this is the place for the EXPERIENCED body surfer. The currents here can also be quite strong, so it's not recommended to go into the water here unless you are definitely an experienced body surfer. The beach itself is great for a tan.

Waikiki Beach. Perhaps the world's most famous beach, it's a suntanner's paradise. Warm waters are perfect for snorkeling, surfing, or just floating around on an inflatable mattress.

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